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Best Ayurveda Cure for the Disease of Liver or Jaundice within 30 Days

Best Ayurveda Cure for the Disease of Liver or Jaundice within 30 Days 

What is Jaundice?

Jaundice is a medical condition that causes discoloration or yellowing of your skin and eyes. It is caused by the inflammation in your liver, which is one of the largest glandular organs of the body situated below the heart. Our liver produces bile, which is also known as peptic juice that manages body, digestive system, metabolism and takes out the unwanted toxins from our body. If we discuss the common liver diseases, liver abscess, jaundice, fatty liver, liver cirrhosis are the top ones in this array. But in this article, we will majorly discuss the causes, symptoms and treatment of jaundice only. 


Major Causes of Jaundice

  • Alcohol Abuse
  • Consumption of Drugs 
  • Diabetes or excessive glucose level in body
  • Elevated level of blood cholesterol 
  • Acquiring various viruses, bacteria, or toxins
  • Fatty liver
  • Infection from an infected individual via unsafe sex, blood contamination, etc.

Top Symptoms of Jaundice or Any Other Liver Disease

  • Yellowness of Skin and Eyes: The moment you get infected with Jaundice, your body color changes to yellow color. Moreover, the yellow color is visible in your eyes as well.   
  • Improper bowel movements and muddy stool: In jaundice, you experience loose motions like symptoms, and your stool gets brown in color, which seems just like mud.  
  • Feeling of vomiting and nausea: The disturbance of liver function makes the patient vomit repeatedly. Moreover, the patient may have a feeling of nausea. 
  • Sudden change in appetite and digestive system: Patients of Jaundice lose their appetite and find it difficult to eat anything. Most of them remain on liquid diet for some time.  
  • Passing yellowish urine: Jaundice amplify the level of bilirubin in body, which makes the skin as well as the urine of any patient yellow.  
  • Abdomen pain and fever: The patient may have discomfort in the lower abdomen in jaundice. 

Jaundice – Ayurveda, Yoga & Home Remedies

Yoga Asanas: KapalBharti Pranayama, Matsyaasana, Shirshaasana and Sarvangasana are some of the highly effective yoga asanas to perform for the jaundice patients.
Water Intake: In order to quickly detoxify your body, make sure to drink loads of water according to your consumption capacity.
Carrot juice: In jaundice, make sure to consume the carrot juice regularly, as it is rich in vitamins that cleanses your body.
Reddish Juice: The Sulfur property in reddish makes your liver back to the normal functioning condition very quickly. So make sure to have it daily or you can eat reddish in salad too.
The Juice of Indian gooseberry: Mix the juice of Indian Gooseberry with water and consume it at least for month to get your liver function in the right way.
Guduchi Juice: In order to detoxify your liver, you can consume Guduchi juice, which is also known as a herb.
Fruits for Jaundice: Ensure to include various super foods in your diet to get rid of jaundice quickly. The list includes Pomegranate, coconut water and sugar cane.
No to Junk food: Last, but not the least, stay away from fried and junk food unless you get recovered completely. In order to digest this type of food, your liver needs to work really hard. Give rest to your liver for a couple of days.

Before applying any of the above-mentioned measures, it is highly recommended consulting your doctor for the fastest recovery from Jaundice.


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