Best Ayurveda Treatment for Eyesight

Best Ayurveda Treatment for Eyesight

It is a well-known fact that our eyes are the windows of our soul. They help us experience the beautiful creations of The Almighty. But, there are times, when the accuracy of this beautiful gift given by the god gets disrupted. The reasons for eye ailments can be numerous.

But, here are some of the common reasons of eyesight problems:

  • Excessive exposure to television and computers
  • Pollution in the environment
  • The availability of pesticides in your food (e.g., vegetables, etc.)
  • Inapt diet and sedentary lifestyle
  • Rise in blood glucose level (diabetes) 
Well, if any of the above-mentioned points are the part of your lifestyle, then it is a right to take a quick action right away before this problem gets worse. Before moving any further, lets understand some of the common types of eyesight and vision related problems:
  • Myopia: The first common eyesight problem in our list is myopia, which is also known as “Nearsightedness”. In this condition, we are unable to view clear images of the objects that are far away from us. It is usually seen in young or middle aged people.
  • Hyperopia: The next one in the row is Hyperopia, which is also known as “farsightedness”. In this situation, we find it unable to view the nearby objects clearly. This eyesight problem is generally seen in older people.
  • Astigmatism: if the cornea of any patient is not perfectly shaped to direct light into your eye, then this disease is called as Astigmatism. In this situation, the vision of the respective patient gets blurry. And, if you are going through this situation, it is mandatory to visit your doctor immediately. 

Here are some of Ayurveda treatments to improve your vision, and can also be followed for the best maintenance of your eyesight:

  • Triphala: In Ayurveda, this herb is made with the fusion of three most powerful Ayurvedic herbs such Amla, Haritaki and Vibhitaki. It can be bought in the form of powder. Its quality of being antioxidant makes it one of the most effective Ayurveda medicine for eyes. It is proven that it plays a significant role to nourish the muscles of your eyes, which results better eyesight. It is extremely popular for the treatment of glaucoma and myopia. That is not all! It helps you get rid of computer vision syndrome and eye strain as well. You can consume this powder with water per your doctor’s recommendation.
  • Beheda: The next super herb for eyesight is Beheda. It has been used by some renowned Ayurveda doctors to treat eyesight related issues encompassing myopia, eye redness,  conjunctivitis, eye puffiness and other common eyesight disorders.
  • Rose water: Rose water is yet another Ayurveda medicine, which is powered with antiseptic as well as antibacterial properties. If dust is the reason for the inflammation, irritation, infections or redness in your eyes, then pouring three to four drops of rose water each day in your eyes can do wonders. 

Follow the above-mentioned guidelines and give a new life to your eyesight because they deserve to see good things. It is recommended consulting your medical practitioner before applying the mentioned guidelines in this article.

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