Best Ayurveda Tips for Baby Massage – FAQ

Confused about baby massage tips? Want to learn the right process of baby massage? Looking to know how to massage your baby? If these questions are cluttering your mind with confusion, then there’s good news in this exclusive baby massage article.  
You have waited a long way to hold your baby closer to your heart, in your arms. Now you have many new responsibilities and you will enjoy doing all. The reward will be seeing your baby grow. Baby massage before its bathing plays a vital role for its fastest growth. I am sure you will be having a lot of questions in your mind about baby massage. I am sure you will find answers to all your questions. In case your doubt related to baby massage is still unanswered, write back to us. We will love to come up with the quick answer along with more baby massage tips and essentials.

Q1. What are the benefits of Baby massage?

Answer: Baby massage has a massive number of benefits. A few of the baby massage benefits are presented below: 

  • Develops parent – child bond by skin to skin contact.
  • Expresses your love and concern for the child.
  • Gives comforts to your baby.
  • Helps in baby’s weight gain.
  • Strengthens baby movements.
  • Gives strength to their bones and muscles.
  • Improves their blood circulation.
  • Sooths the baby
  • Removes unwanted hair from the baby’s body.
  • Promotes reflexes movement.
  • Relieves the baby from gastric problems.
  • Moisturises the baby’s skin.
  • Promotes good sleep after massage and bath.
  • Promotes baby’s digestion.

Q2. When can I start this massage routine?

Answer: You can start it after four days of the baby’s delivery. If the baby is not yet settled, you may start once the umbilical cord has fallen off. Do not massage when your baby is `tired or right before and after the meal.

Q3. My baby cries a lot while massage. Shall I stop doing it?

Answer:  It takes some time for babies to get used to the massage routine. Creating any building’s foundation takes more time than constructing it. Well! You must continue the process to see the visible results. Be very gentle to the child and try to notice which move it likes and which it does not. Massage to sooth your crying baby and do not miss to cuddle.

Q4. The newborn is so small. I doubt if I will be able to massage the baby.

Answer:  Massage should be done aptly for satisfactory results. If you don’t know how to massage your baby, then you must learn it by going through tutorial of baby massage. You can also consult a trained professional for the same. Moreover, you can get baby massage tips from the baby massage expert as well.

Q5. What are the things required to start baby massage?

Answer: You will need the following things:
  • You will need a comfortable place to start this massage regime. It can be a room with comfortable mat if you are more comfortable giving the massage on the floor. It is much more comfortable way than any other way.  Or a high table where you can place your child and give massage without bending much and hurting your back. You can also do this on your bed.
  • Room temperature not less than 27 degree Celsius. 
  • A mat to place your child.
  • A towel to avoid any unwanted accident like excess oil, pee or poop.
  • Baby oil. (Must not contain mineral oil) Virgin coconut oil, olive oil and almond oil are the best options for baby massage. 
  • Wash cloth or baby wipes.
Q6. My baby has unwanted hair on its body. What shall I do to give glowing skin to my baby?

Answer: Massage in an effective way removes all the unwanted hair from the baby’s body and at the same time reduces the unwanted hair growth. Per my personal experience, I have very few body hair since childhood. And, the credit goes to my granny’s baby massage formula. Well! This is due to the rare recipe that my granny used on my skin when I was an infant. Mix two teaspoons of curd in one and a half teaspoon of gram flour or oat powder. Rub this mixture on your baby’s body after massage and bath your baby. This will remove all the unwanted hair from your baby.

Q7. How to massage my baby?

Answer: Massage is a way to show your love towards your child. Start with confidence and go ahead by following these baby massage tips:
  • Moisturise your hands well to give a soft feeling to your child.
  • Rub your hands against each other to generate warmth before touching your child.
  • Starting from baby’s ribs to its tummy, rub gently in a clockwise manner. 
  • Using your whole hand, tenderly rub both thighs and legs. Flex your infant’s legs and knees gently. 
  • Massage on each toe and foot with your thumb. 
  • With your child on her stomach, start messaging your baby carefully around its head, neck, back, and legs. Ensure that you are not putting extra pressure on infant’s spine. 
  • Form a ring with your middle finger and thumb around your infant’s arm and massage it upwards and downwards. Make sure to massage your baby delicately on its elbow, as it is a sensitive area. 
  • In the end, massage your baby’s head with baby oil. Also, apply baby oil in its naval to strengthen baby’s immune system.
Let your baby’s skin get nourished with the applied for 15 minutes. Bath your baby and clean its body with soft towel. Dress your baby after moisturising its skin with a quality baby lotion. Last, but not the least, feed your baby and let it rest. It is recommended consulting your doctor or a baby massage expert before following the baby massage tips.   

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